Best Tips for Maintain Your Home Network


With just a little bit of patience, time, effort, and concern anyone in this modern world of technology can set up the best home network. Suppose you are moving to a new house or just want to improve the signal connectivity of the existing, and then what are you going to do in such cases? Will you switch to a new device or update the existing one? There are lot many questions that a user mind can think. Even, for a high-speed of the Internet, you might have switched to a range extender and the process of the Extender Setup also needs the best network connection in order to get all the procedure of setup done successfully.

Now, what does your Extender Setup Netgear needs?

  •  An updated router in order to connect physically and properly with the range extender via Ethernet cable.
  • A power socket that would let both the devices to plug into it.
  • A smart device to connect with a range extender and take you to the home page of mywifiext.
  • An open place that wouldn’t overheat any of your smart devices.

Moving a little forward, let us present before you some of the best tips for setting and building up a strong connection ever.

be particular about your Router Placement

Users, when buy a router, they probably hide it because of its ugly looks, but we would like to suggest them avoid doing so, if you do it, you will never receive live signals from it. Always keep and remember the fact in mind that a strong home network is based upon the router placement. The Netgear experts always suggest you place your router in an open area i.e. the middle of your house, away from obstruction like metal appliances, electronic gadgets, Bluetooth speakers, treadmill, etc. and also from walls, windows, and those devices that carry the same frequency.

A well-placed router will minimize signal interference from those appliances that carry the same frequency. So in that case, place your router at the center of the home that will help you in reducing the risk of poor WiFi signals and spread its reach all over the house.

Consider changing Device default Network name and Password

As we all know that new routers come with default SSID name and password that are set by the device manufacturer itself. Well, you just have to make use of this default detail for the first time you set your device with the Internet, after that the experts suggest you to change the login details from default to something more strong and reliable. If you didn’t change and continue using the default network name and password, then you are inviting an unknown person from your own hand to enter into your network and have full access to it.

Consider choosing a network name that would reveal your personal information and a password that would be enough strong for unknown person to track it. Also, remember that you have to share your password only with those, who are trustworthy to you and prefer changing it in every two or three months.

Protect your WiFi Network

Router manufacturer and Internet Service Provider give you an ability to choose, how you can protect the WiFi network from unknown sources. On the other hand, when a user is on with its process of “New Extender Setup” for the first time with existing router, there would be several options available for the users to encrypt their network. To increase your security, consider selecting WPA2-AES, the advance feature of encryption standard for your network and devices from hijackers and third-party attack.

Note: Don’t forget to turn off the public WiFi during the process of your extender setup with other devices.

Timely update the Device Firmware

Always remember, setting up a home network is not a one-time task that you done it and you got it. In that case, you are supposed to update your device on daily basis in order to keep your devices secure and away from neighbors or unknown persons. For this, you have to update the router’s firmware with the help of routers manufacturer to improve the performance of the device security. Whereas, the is meant for the user to enter into the media center settings for the extender at the smart device (computer or laptop). Also, you are not supposed to turn off any of your smart devices or shut down the home screen.


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