Indian Takeaway :: Spending Thanksgiving in Bristol


It’s been close to a year now since my last trip to England with wonderful memories. I would like to share with you today about one of my favorite places to order takeaway in Bristol. For my thanksgiving what better place could be than with cousins all the way to Bristol. Still I surmise the day well spent.

 For four days trip to Bristol meant a lot of catch up to do. A large number of restaurants, food stalls takeaways and mixed use facilities all sprung up. To have a taste of old Bristol it’s advisable to buy local. What better way to spend Thanksgiving then to find a local Indian takeaway that serves dishes of great flavours?

 thanksgiving Knowle, BristolI’ve been tracking the hottest Thanksgiving trends, as seen through all the food magazines I read. Thinking about doing different, ordering a takeaway was the simplest thing to do. With the reviews of cousins and family we decided to have an Indian takeaway. The closest we could get was a 24 hour food delivery in Bristol, the Best Spice Indian Takeaway located at 180 Bridge Road, Knowle.

 Because the food tasted just like the home cooked meal, we had no problem ordering. Well known for the hot dishes and the flare of different taste. Best Spice takeaway was a surprise for me to have tasted that I had no idea how good food can be from other parts of the world.

 The menu was well put and we had no trouble thinking what to order. As I recall, each dishes had their own reputation. With the spice level being honest. A thrill seeker myself wanted to try something hot.

 thanksgiving 3For starters, it was just basics. Onion bhaji (£1.90), Prawn cocktail (£2.90) and Puri (£2.90) inserted with chicken. To judge the starters it goes all down to Puri, a flat bread filled with chicken was good to last bits. The chef’s special dish Chicken Tikka Kusboo (£5.90) with thick sauce made the dish quiet appealing. It just makes sense. You know what else makes sense? CHICKEN TIKKA KARAHI! Everyone loves Chicken Tikka Karahi. Especially when served with naan, Peshwari Naan. Nothing could go wrong. To go hot, Vegetable Vindaloo (£3.50) is sure enough made my day.

 thanksgiving 4I had suspected Best Spice Indian Takeaway was going to be good, I had not expected it would surpass my expectations. Consistently satisfying dishes is rare in a multi-course menu, foods here have nailed it. I would have preferred a bit more or an extra as the savouries really needed to be “cleared”, but other than that, an overall fine Thanksgiving meal, one I’d be happy to pay for again and again.