Top 9 Best Must Have Android Accessories


If you are an Android user, then you will know that your Android phone is compatible with many accessories. That’s why we have so many Android phone lovers. Be it a stylish back cover, telephone case, earphones or detachable cameras. We have arranged everything for you. Just the right number of accessories which will go with your personality. Go ahead and check out our top picks for mobile accessories.

Portable charger

Portable chargerImagine traveling with your friends and you are running out of battery, on top of that your dad is calling! What will you do now? To save yourself from such an uncanny situation, get a good portable charger which fits in your budget and saves you from unwanted adventures. There are many portable chargers available in the market. You can get it both from online and offline stores. You can choose Xiomi Mi Power Bank or even the Asus Zen Power Bank.

Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headsetYou need a Bluetooth headset if you have an android phone. Its difficult to stay without the phone even for a second and we know music is life for you. You need to listen to good music when you are upset, happy and even while exercising. What makes us happier is some amazing sale, click on homeshop18 coupons to see all the discounts. After buying it, just put on your Bluetooth headphones and tune in your favorite FM channel and start running. Lose weight while enjoying your favorite song. The best in this segment is Sony WH– 1000XM2 and Bose Quiet Comfort 35. Want to buy this? Car mount for your AndroidCar mount for your Android

You really do need your mobile all the time with you. Think about a situation where you are lost and trying to find your direction to a certain place? Think about the worse with no people around. What will you do then? Your mobile has the answer for the problems. GPS! But how uncomfortable it will become to take out your mobile phone again and again just to check the navigation. Get a car mount and check for the direction without any hassle. You can buy a Zaap adjustable car phone holder or even go for Mystical Master MMH01 car mobile holder.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth SpeakerWe can’t deny the fact that music just makes our life better. It makes our mood better and even sometimes they save us from heartbreaks. Get a good set of Bluetooth speakers for your mobile so that you can carry it wherever you want to. Whether for a long drive or just to save yourself from wires, a Bluetooth speaker is always a good option. Choose from Bose SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker and Phillips BT50W Portable Bluetooth speaker.

Selfie stick

Selfie stickYou need a selfie stick if you love capturing yourself. Selfie stick is best when you have your friends and want to take a group photo. There are many options available in the market. Even selfie sticks of local brands are also available. But if you have to choose, then our picks are now selfie stick with Bluetooth, CamKix selfie stick with Bluetooth and JETech Battery-free Selfie stick.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth KeyboardPeople opt for touchscreen today but still, there are many people who still enjoy a good hand on a mouse or a keyboard. If you use your mobile phone a lot for official work, then you may want to buy a Bluetooth keyboard. To help you in choosing the best one you can buy Microsoft Universal Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard or Logitech K380 Multi-device Bluetooth Keyboard. Use our naaptol coupons to avail great discounts and buy this keyboard at an affordable price.

Protective cases and back covers for your Android Phone

Protective cases and back coversIt would be difficult to avoid the beautiful and enchanting back cover cases that we see on a daily basis. Everyone uses a back cover or a mobile case to protect their phones plus it also adds to the style of your phone. A lot of options are available for protective cases and back covers.

Wireless charging pad

Wireless charging padThe wireless charging pad is one good way to get rid of the wires. Buy a Sathechi fast wireless charging pad and charge your phone 1.4x faster.

Arm band

Arm bandIf you are a fitness freak and love to listen to music while working out then a fitness arm band is the thing for you. It will keep your phone safe and you will also be able to listen to your music. You can go for Tribe AB37 Sports Arm Band.

Gaming controller

Gaming controllerPeople now-a-days play games on their mobile phone only, also because phone now-a-days comes with a lot of loaded features. But if you are a true gamer then buying an additional gaming controller won’t be a bad idea. Our pick is SteelSeries’ Bluetooth gaming controller. If you are looking for a sale, then you should see Tatacliq coupons for good offers. Do buy all these accessories to make your mobile experience a memorable one. We hope we were able to help you to choose the best for your mobile.



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