Best Kodi Add-ons and Free VPN to Consider for an Optimum Experience


Kodi is a free software aiming at optimum home entertainment experience, which is an ideal choice for consumers who like music, movies, sports, etc. Even though it was first designed as an add-on to Xbox of Microsoft, Kodi later evolved as an independent application. As we can see lately, Kodi now comes in various sizes and shapes. You may purchase Kodi boxes, Kodi apps, add-ons, and also Kodi TV.

Best Kodi Add-ons

As of late, there are thousands of add-ons available for Kodi, and each of them serves distinct purposes and works well with different OS and apps. Here, we are trying to explain about the top three general purposes of top Kodi addons of 2019 to help you understand the features of advantages of these.

  • Exodus

Exodus is so popular among the add-ons for its streaming quality to offer the best viewing experience for HD content. Exodus also supports the Real Debrid by making sure you get the best of streaming and buffer links of almost all movies and TV series for free. It also lets the users set up Trakt TV.

  • Exodus Redux

Next to Exodus, in response to its increasing demand in the Kodi community, Exodus Redux introduced the new Lambda scrapers which apparently is more effective in availing the streaming sources too. Exodus is still available; however, and is also expected to reborn with better features in a few months. Exodus Redux now coexists with normal Exodus and has the same level of acceptance.

  • Incursion

This may be one of the most accepted Kodi movie add-on in the year 2019. This add-on was also developed as a predecessor to Exodus with features more similar to the normal Exodus. Incursion has well organized and movies and TV series, which is easier for the users to choose from appropriate sub-categories. Incursion is now on top of the Kodi add-ons list with its reliability and consistency in providing the streaming links for everything listed.

Best Free VPNs

Next, let’s have a look at a couple of top free VPNs to try out in 2019, as suggested by

  • TunnelBear

Even though the names seem to be coined with a bit of humor sense, the service is pretty serious, especially after it got acquired by the McAfee, the industry giant in security. TunnelBear was released in 2011, and its objective is to offer free, private, and simple access to the open internet. TunnelBear’s free VPN offers the feature of not logging the activities of even free users. You can avail all the features for free. The bandwidth; however, is restricted to 500 MB, which can increase to 1 GB by tweeting about TunnelBear.

  • Windscribe VPN

This is another free VPN which has been largely popular for the last couple of years. Unlike many other free VPN services, Windscribe offers a free plan with a very generous data limit. The providers also offer many user-friendly features too like ad-blocking with a browser add-on, P2P support, etc. With a primary 2 GB data limit, Windscribe allows users to increase it to 10 GB for registered users through email. The only limitation is that you will be stuck with ten servers only on a free plan.

We can, however, expect further enhancements on Kodi add-ons and the above-mentioned free VPN services this year.


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