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Right from the time Instagram came into this field of modern technology, it has already grown with over 800 million monthly members. It started as a basic platform to share pictures and videos, but right now, it is one of the marketing ways to grow your business. Big and small companies are now working hard to create and maintain a platform for Instagram. The more people can get to see your posts, the better options you will come up with. It will help them to grow their firm with a right plan. You can easily turn out to be an influential band shortly.

But first, you have to post right type of content just to stay relevant to present followers, while bringing in some new ones. Sometimes, it becomes hard to know about the right posts, which may work for you in growing your business. To be on the safe side, following some Instagram based marketing tricks can help you gain better popularity within a short span of time.

Start tracking your right metrics:

You cannot even improve Instagram performance and optimize the same unless you are well aware of your page, and how well your posts are performing. Even if it is underperforming, you have to know about that. Once you have measurable results, you will get to know the points working for you, and those which aren’t.

  • You can start it off by tracking the growth rate of the follower. The total follower amount is seen as a vanity metric.
  • While keeping a track on followers’ growth, you will realize the kind of content you are posting and which one of those is affecting them the most.
  • You can take help of tools like Influencer Dashboard for keeping a track on follower growth rate.
  • For the next steps, you have to measure engagement rates. This section includes comments and likes.
  • You have to come across the average engagement percentage of total followers and the average engagement rate of each one of your post. This step helps you to get a clear picture of how well the Instagram page is performing.
  • For smaller following business pages, the engagement rate will be higher. For the final stage, you have to track URL click-through rate. In case you don’t have the link to a website in bio, try adding one right away.
  • After that, you have to measure the number of people clicking through to URL. The average CTR over here is around 0.94%.
  • If you can end up presenting effective Instagram marketing tricks on clients, you will have higher CTR. In case the mark is low, then start working on improving the approach.
  • There are some tools available in the market like Sprout Social, which will measure the number of clicks your link seems to get in comparison to engagements and impressions. You have to work your way to improve and increase followers for Instagram.

Have to post at right now and never over-post:

Over-posting on any social media platform, especially Instagram is the surefire way to get rid of your existing followers. If they are going to see only your brand on newsfeeds, they might end up un-following you. In case, you are planning to post on the consistent basis to be at the newsfeed, follow a basic time gap between each post.

  • One best and proven way to do so is by only posting during peak days and hours, when people are online. The worst days to post a newsfeed are Sundays and Wednesdays. On the other hand, you have Mondays and Thursdays as best posting days.
  • According to some research, the best times in a day to post are within 8:00 am and 9:00 am. You can post your news at 2:00 AM.
  • The hour between 8 to 9 am in the morning is that time when people are getting ready for work. They might be communicating to jobs at that time. That’s the time they get to check multiple social media.
  • On the other hand, you have 2 am when most people are scrolling through Instagram mainly when they are about to hit the bed.
  • Once you are sure of the day and time when your followers for Instagram are super active, you can post at that point. Moreover, depending on the specified audience, the active hours might vary a bit.
  • Thanks to some tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social or CoSchedule, you can easily schedule posts to act as live ones during these times and days, as mentioned already.

On the other hand, research indicates that you should post around one or two times daily, and no less or more. In case you are tempted for more posts, you can then use carousel Album feature of Instagram for posting multiple pictures in a slideshow. In this way, your followers won’t get overwhelmed.

An interactive form of the branded hashtag:

If you are planning to create instant engagement, interactive hashtags prove to be a great way to procure that. Customers can always use a tag to post some of the user-generated content. It helps the users to search through all posts as relevant to the brand. This same section helps in searching through some images that you are planning to consider while re-posting on your page.

You can try adding a hash tag that your firm is looking for. It is great for free advertising. Every time anyone posts a picture using this tag, they are practically exposing your firm to a wide follower base. In case you already have one popular phrase or slogan, try making that your branded hash tag. No matter whatever you are planning to post, you have to do that right time.

Dominated the social media world:

It is not hard to state that Instagram has already dominated the social media platform. It is a perfect and popular spot for sharing images with so many millions of monthly users. Each day, Instagram houses billions of likes. So, it is your job to create a proficient Instagram based marketing strategy to get some of those likes under your kitty.

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