Beat Pollution and Breathe Clean Air with Nasal Filters

Nasal Filters

In this industrialised world, air pollution is one of the major issues that the world is battling today. Spending a little time outside your home makes your eyes water, throat itch and chest heavy. While most of us pay careful attention to what we eat and drink but rarely to what we breathe. It is not just right eating and clean drinking that reflects in your body but also clean breathing. The government is taking various steps to bring down the pollution levels, but it is not something that will give you an immediate result. Spreading awareness and implementing the rules will take time, probably a few years. But that does not mean you must keep breathing unhealthy. To help you breathe cleaner air various kinds of anti-pollution masks are available in the market. In fact, seeing people wearing a dust mask has become a common observance. But these masks have their own set of drawbacks. Some of them are:

  •        It covers half of your face.
  •        Wearing it in public makes many people feel uncomfortable.
  •        It is a little tough to talk when wearing these masks.
  •        Some people also feel claustrophobic after wearing these masks.
  •        It does not fit properly on the sides, thus, letting the polluted air in.

Keeping in mind the above challenges, a new product has arrived in the market, Nasal Filters.

A Nasal Filter is a relatively new product that helps you breathe cleaner air. The product is of a size of contact lens and fits in your nostrils, thus giving you maximum protection against dust, particulate matter and allergens such as moulds, pet dander, hay and pollen. Made of soft and flexible material, the product gives you a comfortable fit. It is anatomically designed to give you a perfect fit. So even if you are running, you can be sure that you will not lose your mini air filter on the way.

Why should I buy nasal filter(Pollution mask)?

Several clinical trials have proved that the nasal filters inhibit dust and other allergens. People, especially those who are susceptible to nasal allergies, have shown a substantial reduction in the severity of their allergy symptoms after wearing this mini filter. They can lower your daily sneezing by an average of 45% and also the occurrence of running nose by about 12%. It also decreases the itching in your nasal passage. These mini filters can save your life by decreasing your direct exposure to allergens, dust, spores and pollution. It improves the quality of air intake in a safe and comfortable manner. You can even wear it indoors to protect yourself against dust mites and pet dander. For your better health, you must buy nasal filters.

How is nasal filter better than air filter masks?

A nasal filter is better than air filter masks in the following ways:

  •        It does not cover your face.
  •        You can easily talk, drink and eat while wearing nasal filters.
  •        It is made of a soft and flexible material and therefore is comfortable to wear for longer durations.
  •        It is available in different sizes, thus, giving you a perfect fit.
  •        It does not fog your glasses, thus, making it safe while riding a bike.


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