Bangladeshi scientists discovered oil removal machine from water


The Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute scientist Md. Faruk Bin Hossain ( Yamin) discovered a new tool for the removal of oil from river or sea water. He was initially successful in this test. After the sinking of the oil tanker in the Sundarbans Shelah river spreads into the oil, which is utilized for the removal of local people. Including women and children, all hands worked in the oil extract. He dishearted for these reson. To avoid health risks to the general public in this oil he thought to make a low-cost machine.Reflections of thought from the removal of oil he creating by native methods. Initially he success by using’cork sheet’ , but a large scal it also made with the device.

 Md. Faruk Bin Hossain ( Yamin) interview the media Deutsche Welle, these machine has two parts one of pump & other oil drying. Certain level of oil absorption capacity of the drying section of the two-tier structure of the face, a certain level, which will absorb the oil to flow inward. The flow of oil is absorbed by the pump is in the center of the collector. The collector is a certain amount of oil and water containers are stored. But the water level in the reservoir below the exhaust opening valve. Removing the collector vessel must submit the oils, which can be removed for use with the drum. He is made of steel in the form of the drying machine is the length of each unit will be 20 feet. Depending on the level of the oil will continue to increase or decrease the width of the drying portion of the face, according to the depth of the oil level can be placed on the water.

oil removal machine from water
oil removal machine
from water

 Md. Faruk inform that, for 20 feet length of machine require (8-10)H.P diesel pump to be used in. It is able to lift (40-50) thousand liters of oil per hour,. How many units need to be used and the amount of oil will depend on the width of the river. In his words, the local elements to create a drying unit will be cost (1,50000-2,00000)Taka or (1900-2600) US Doller.Initially the effectiveness of the device test at the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute pond. The test was successful.


He said that after the accident with the rapidly across the river in a rubber tube or rubber Dame should be tied to the oil spill area. It will go under the water, but the oil level is locked in the area surrounded by tubes. Using the machine is possible to remove 80 to 90 percent oil. Md. Faruq said the device will absorb 70 percent of the oil and 30 percent water. After separating the oil and water can be used for the oil. Yamin said, ‘I want to use this device in the country. Disaster management ministry or government authority comes forward, I’ll make the big size of the drier. He said, there are no objections  to any commercial organization forward these innovation.