Vegetable chicken: At first I shall say that vegetable chicken curry is most popular food for all men & is one kind of food that our body fitness & free from all dishes.

When we cook vegetable of chicken we shall take one cubic size chicken, cubic size one potato, little size one carrot, little amount of red capsicum, green capsicum & yellow capsicum, little cubic size one tomato,4-5 green chilli, one tea spone cumin powder or paste, one teaspoon   ginger powder or paste, one tea spoon garlic paste or powder & three teaspoon of onion paste, two teaspoon cooking 0il.

Cooking process: At first we shall medium heat our cooking pot & give it cooking oil then give it onion paste, garlic paste, ginger paste, cumin paste & then add our cibic size chicken & give it little amount of salt

Then after this step we shall give heat 10 minutes & then add those vegetables & add little amount of water & then give cover our cooking pot. Then we shall give heat 15 minutes & will prepare our chicken vegetables.

I feel seem to be it is most essential healthy food & It keeps our balance diet.