Attractive Designer Pendant 7499R

Attractive Designer Pendant

Pendant seems to be the latest fashion in the world of jewelry and it’s getting popular among the fashion lovers. And if you’re looking for an attractive designer pendant, we have an exquisite piece for you which you can consider as the:

Special Gift for a Special Person

Attractive designer pendant 7499R is designed for those who are pretty special. Since you are here to make this a wonderful gift for your special person, we will help you pick the right choice. Because it often seems difficult to find the right pendant for a right person. However, you’re in good hand and we assure you that you would leave with a happy smile on.

How to identify Attractive Designer Pendant 7499R?

The pendant is a magnificent creation of a brilliant mind of jewelry. It usually comes in a form of loose-hanging ornament joined by a chain from two sides or sometimes corners. You can identify this model as it is rectangular in shape which looks more like a bed-shaped dome.

The body is made of solid metal, having four tiny pillars in every corner. Apparently, it holds a giant piece of diamond right in the chest of the body, covering all the area of the pendant. As there lies a rope-like thin yet solid lace right on top of the giant diamond.

It is more like marvelous a curvy suspension bridge. The designer gave the best effort to come up with this finest piece with two more antennas like slightly bent stands on the middle-top side of the pendant. The word spectacular goes for it with no haze whatsoever.            

What makes Attractive Designer Pendant 7499R so Special?

There are so many glorious beauties of this pendant for which it is different than other models of the pendant. You may find it usual nowadays couples love to wear alike designer pendant. Well, 7499R is designed with the mastery of jewelry to be used for both men and women. So, any couple can put this on and spend some delightful moment together. It is also special for its

  • Color: The color of the Bengtson is attractively natural violet and your eyes will be caught by the beauty of this true majestic hue. The body is silver which is also available in gold and platinum as well. The metals are available in 10K, 14K, 18K, and 22K.
  • Design: The design is tremendously brilliant. The amazing fat shaped gemstone inside a bed like a box and covered by tiny little thin lace gives this piece a unique nature.

 Best Deal with Lilly Diamond Jewellery

We got you the best deal of pendant 74999R. Whether or not you make a special gift, it will always be given to a special person. The deal covers the price and the availability of the metals. As we currently have silver, metal, and platinum, you can pick your mark from any of these in various range. Moreover, Attractive Designer Pendant 7499R comes in rose, white, and yellow color. So, pick your color and place an order online. We will drop off the delivery right on time your doorstep with an ear-to-ear happy smile.