Are you looking for a Rental Accommodation in Bangalore?


Those who are looking for wide range of choices for accommodations away from home in reasonable price you have reached the right place. If you yearn to stay at a service apartment which doesn’t let you feel home sick, then you must choose the budget accommodation that offers you home away from home. In this post, I will discuss about all possible factors affecting your decision to move in a service apartment in Bangalore.

Choose your type is it Short stay or long stay apartment

When looking for service apartment in Bangalore you always have this option to choose from the short stay or a long stay accommodation. Actually this is really important as your tariffs will change accordingly for a longer stay. Even if you are on a trip or some business meeting you must check out for service apartments as they offer good comfort with all the luxuries that too in budget. The best thing about such apartments is that you will get fully furnished places. So all you need is to take a suitcase and move in. It will have all the basic necessary furnishings and facilities which we have in our own home. Other than the electricity, water and gas, in some of the houses you might also get the facility of internet, cable and telephone connection, if you are lucky enough to get a good landlord. There is no one to disturb you and you will feel as if you are living in 2bhk house. There is no doubt that these service apartments are better than the big hotels as it much cheaper, fully customized, more privacy, etc.

Looking for Short Stay Accommodation

You can either search the internet with portals which will give you the best available options in this category and fitting within your budget. These portals and websites are extremely helpful as they not only provide you results based on your search and location but will also provide reviews and ratings of those localities giving you a feedback of the people actually living or lived there.

Some websites even provide you with booking privileges. So all you need to do is choose a place and then book it instantly by your credit card sitting inside your home at any location across the world.

Looking for a longer time

In case you have signed an agreement for just a month and later on you realize that you need to extend your stay, it would be better that you negotiate on such unpredictable circumstances before moving in to the apartment. Some agreements provide the flexibility to extend your rental accommodation stay but that is also for a limited period of time. You cannot stretch your one month stay to one year. Discuss all these details beforehand.

It is said that serviced apartments are a better option than the short term accommodations if there are chances that you might require to extend your stay. This is because in a serviced apartment there are several other similar apartments in the same building which makes easy for you to shift.

Today when majority of the world is making its way back from the economic downturn and banks are not lending mortgages, rental apartments are seeing an upsurge. Also with the growing population, children who move out of their houses after school also prefer a rented apartment as they are not at all financially equipped to buy one. All this indicates that the rental property rates will increase substantially by the year 2014.


Bangalore accommodation listings – a true guide to help you choose the best!

  • High speed broad band facility to carry out your office work
  • Attached living room
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • AC attached to all rooms
  • Room service with breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Round the clock check in and check out