ALOKITO EIMS Student Information System

Student Teacher Relationship ALOKITO Software

ALOKITO EIMS is a student information management system of education manages student’s data, course materials, assignments, assessment test, publish results electronically. This automated system enables to perform student registration in their courses, confirm their registration via email or SMS, transcripts, grading, tracking student’s attendance and many more student-related tasks. ALOKITO SIS performs the supply of knowledge to the students, teachers and administrators. Students get next day class schedule, urgent notice, home task, class topics, class synopsis etc. from teachers and academic management. Teachers can get information from students and academic management similarly and management can get to know about students and teachers class performance.

The functions of Student Information System vary with the size, scope, capabilities and functions of an institution from a small organization to a large size multi-campus institution covered many aspects. Small educational organizations implement a package that covers student’s data only. On the other hand enterprise solutions for the large size multi-campus institution that covers the functions aforementioned. Also in addition parents can always communicate and discuss with teachers about the progress of their offspring.

An educational institution is looking for an intelligent student information and management system with a built-in mechanism to fill up the requirements of student-related management purpose. Keep this sense in mind our experts designed ALOKITO EIMS.School College Management Software Bangladesh

Alokito EIMS included the following must meet objectives of student information system:

  • One-stop service for students, that’s why the students will be able to perform self-service and basic administrative task.
  • Support one-time entry of student information.
  • Support timely student record system.
  • Integrate new learning materials and teaching technologies for students and education faculty.
  • Connection flexibility with other campus application and database.
  • Upgraded security system for the database in an open-access environment.


Alokito EIMS is a user-friendly and pioneer student information system planned, designed and built by a mad-skilled team of software development and an experienced team of teachers from all level of school, college, university and all other educational organizations. They have an expertise in teaching and administration. So, they always keep a sight into the program what is required for ALOKITO to operating all functions of the academy.

ALOKITO Software is an exceptional and affordable student information system which reduces all educational and administrative works of a school to its bare bones. It provides a secure access to its users. It also ensures the access limit for all individual users. ALOKITO EIMS is a premium student information system available to schools throughout the Malaysia and like other countries. Please feel free to contact us to learn more.