Living the Sea Life – 5 Affordable Islands you must Travel To

Affordable Islands you must Travel To

Dreaming about a vacation at some exotic or faraway destination quite often gives an adrenaline rush to many of us. Visiting a remote island and isolating yourself from all the city noise and crowds helps rejuvenate yourself.  There are numerous islands that truly are a paradise on Earth.

The Caribbean islands are complete with azure beaches, balmy ocean-breeze, and sandy shores softer than talcum powder. So while you’re busy looking up places to book for your cruise, we bring you 5 affordable islands that you can travel to during your vacation.

1)   Curacao

Of the ABC Islands in the Caribbean, Curacao seems like a vibrant painting right out of the Dutch colonial era. Painted with bright strokes, these Dutch buildings reflect the pink and yellow hues of the golden hour. Apart from these buildings, Curacao is famous for its aloe-infested desert and widespread landscapes as well.

The beach of Curacao is epically picture-perfect. It hosts the most tranquil underwater sea for snorkelers and scuba divers to play around. The waters are welcomed with powdery sand that is not only sparkling but soft to walk on. In addition, the beach consists of bays, reefs and coves that remain sheltered from wild hurricanes.

Curacao is an ideal adventure spot, especially from May to November, when the airfares and hotel rates drop to at least 50 percent lower than their price during the other months. Since most people travel to Curacao from December to April, the airfares and hotel rates exceed and become pretty inconvenient. Since Curacao can pretty much escape the wrath of torrential Caribbean winds and rains, its temperature doesn’t soar and remains in its mid-80s for vacationers to enjoy all year long.

2)   Trinidad and Tobago

These islands are two of the most sought after vacation spots for vacationers who plan on witnessing the uber-contrasting nature of urban life and shallow waters. Trinidad is rumbling with an urban yet sophisticated lifestyle that not only celebrates the grandeur of wealth, but also cultural diversity and eclecticism with pride. Tobago, on the other hand is the epitome of serenity, warm waters and spotless beaches that give the islands the romantic touch everyone craves for.

From flamingoes and ibises, Trinidad has managed to paint everything with a paintbrush dipped in scarlet. Tobago on the other hand, has painted a quiet stroke of calamity, therefore, withholding the truest definition of paradise on earth.

These two islands might experience a sudden hike in airfares and hotel rates during the months of January to May. This is partly due to the sunny skies and partly to the annual festival in Trinidad. The months of June to December, despite the monsoon season, stay warm and pleasant with little humidity. Booking a trip during this time will not only be better if you’re on a budget, but also worthwhile with all the rainy experiences.

3)   Barbados

Barbados is the ultimate retreat for a vacationer who wishes to take in the breeze of the white sandy beaches amidst a game of golf. Equipped with impeccable pieces of architecture to withstand the Bajan culture, and polo matches and afternoon tea rituals reminiscent of the British era, Barbados consists of breathtaking sightseeing places fit for an ideal adventure.

From Dover Beach to Carlisle Bay, Barbados is brimming with shores and reefs that will welcome you with their picturesque sights and gushes of balmy ocean breezes. The best time to travel to Barbados is from July to November when the Crop Over Festival is in full swing. Despite the fear of torrential hurricanes, the temperature of Barbados still remains in its mid-80s throughout the year, making it the ideal retreat, nevertheless.

4)   The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands consist of a gigantic spread of three islands complacent with the most prime locations for diving and snorkeling. The Cayman Islands are the perfect vacation spots for parents, children, adventurers and honeymooners alike. Ranging from inclusive itineraries at the Grand Cayman to the intensive hiking trail at Mastic Trail, the Cayman Islands are a host of adventure and relaxation for the young and elderly all along.

Despite the tourism, the hotel and resort rates at the Cayman Islands are the lowest from the months of March to June, particularly when the rainy season is in swing. The hotel rates peak from November to April when the hurricane season isn’t too close. Even with the expectation of showers, the temperature at the Cayman Islands stays in its mid-70s to mid-80s, rendering it the perfect spot for avid adventurers.

5)   Puerto Rico

Home to Americans as San Juan’s capital city, this Caribbean Island aims to extend its services by allowing natives to tour its beaches without filing for an international visa. This Caribbean island is a surfer’s sanctuary – 20-foot long waves wait to embrace surfers amidst the tranquility of the calm waters.

From the twisted adventures of corkscrew jungles and caves to the exhilarating landscapes and serene beaches; Puerto Rico is an islander’s secluded paradise. Bustling with rum punches and a raving nightlife, Puerto Rico’s resorts reduce the travelling premiums down a notch for everyone to enjoy. The island is not only cheaper than any other Caribbean isle, but is also an epitome of urbanization, tourism and adventure.

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You must consider visiting at least one of these islands during your next trip. Book a private trip as they are certainly worth all the hype and time. Your rest is definitely guaranteed.


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