Advanced Lessons Will Add New Dimension In Horse Riding For A Professional


Riding a horse is a passion for most but for a few it is a profession. If you are one those privileged riders then you can hone your horse riding skills with the advanced lessons that are provided by several horse riding schools. Just make sure that you hire the right school for your purpose and gather all basic as well as additional information before you start.
Such riding lessons are offered mostly at your convenience and can be availed in different packages. The sort of packages provided may vary from one school to another but usually you can purchase these lessons in varying number of lessons per month. Apart from the lessons you choose make sure that you know about the price of each which should essentially include HST.

Lessons For Adult Riders

The advanced lessons for horse riding are specifically designed for the adults and have a few distinctive features. Though these features may vary as per the policy of the horse riding school the basic features include:

• Group lessons not exceeding 6 students
• Semi-private lessons to a couple of students
• Variable timings such as morning, afternoon and evening classes
• Special weekday and weekend classes as well.

The Lessons Offered

The features of each course for horseback riding NYC may also vary according to the school’s policy both for the intermediate as well as the advanced riding lessons. The area includes and is certainly not limited to:

  • Horse behavior and psychology
  • Communication with the horses
  • Advanced groundwork training
  • Lessons on biomechanics to increase confidence
  • Introduction to Cavalletti and dressage movements
  • Jumping lessons
  • Hunter and jumper equitation and also
  • Stable management and horse health care.

Apart from the above the classes may also provide workshops on horse care and better management. You may also have advanced classes of different social activities that are equestrian themed that will improve your skill in interacting with and caring for horses.

Distinguishing Features Of Advanced Classes

Advanced horse riding lessons are distinctively different from the beginner and intermediate lessons. You can expect more intense emphasis and focus on how you as a rider will affect the way the horse will go, literally and along with all puns intended.
It is for this reason that the schools ensure that all students undergoing advanced classes for horse riding have excessive body control and balance, exquisite and complete understanding of the anatomy, dynamics and mechanics of a horse’s body. With proper guidance from the expert trainers you will learn some of the most effective and advanced movements that you and your horse can perform together.

Advanced Aids And Extended Gaits

Advanced lessons of horseback riding NYC will teach you about advanced aids and extended gaits with your horse. You will also come to know about lateral movements along with two and three track movements. These movements will ensure that you have better and further control on your horse.

  • These advanced aids will also ensure that you attain advanced levels of collection. This will in turn ensure that the horse develops more thrust that will allow more suspension in the horse’s gaits.
  • Apart from that, you will know about a few useful exercises that will involve both lateral work and transition within the gait. This will help you to school your horse to accomplish the best possible results.

The extended and collected gaits can be achieved with the help of specific tools that will also be provided and taught about its usage in these advanced classes. Walk, trot or canter all have the prospects for extension and you will be taught how to prepare for such movement in the best possible manner. In addition to that, you will also come to know how to implement it and bring back the working or medium gait of the horse.

Reach To The Upper Levels

When as a rider you know about the movement and collection of gaits of your horse you will be able to take your performance to the upper level as a professional rider.
You will be taught how you can implement these movements in upper-level dressage test as well with better execution. This emphasis will result in precise riding techniques.

Once you reach the advanced level, you will now learn about horse training skills. This will enable you to know the proper techniques and use it to bring along and tame a variety of different horses at several different levels.

In short and in all, through the advanced riding lessons you will have all relevant and valuable information, knowledge about the different techniques that will establish that you are a proficient rider. Apart from that it will also provide you with a solid foundation for sports dressage and show jumping.

Teach Other Riders

Undergoing advanced riding lessons will not only enable you to reach a higher level of riding but will also provide you with the knowledge and tools to teach other riders. You will be able to guide them to reach their equestrian goals just as you achieved these easily and effectively.

The classes involve all about riding techniques that will enable the rider to keep their horses ‘in the bridle on the slack.’ In other words, it can be said, these lessons will teach you how to read your horse’s mind and vice versa. Your horse will be calm, in control, focused and attentive to your calls and gestures. Both you as well as your horse will be relaxed while performing your respective duties keeping your mind in the headspace.

The Teachings Summarized

The teachings provided in the advanced lessons of horse riding can be summarized into the following important elements:

  • You will learn the ways to develop individual warm-up for every ride
  • Become a “thinking rider”
  • Have more tools and techniques to ensure a great ride
  • Understand horse psychology
  • Make it work for you every time
  • Have better control of every part of your horse’s body and
  • Know advanced hip control and lateral work.

In short, it will add a whole new dimension, thrill and fun in your riding.


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