6 Foods You Must Not Eat on Train Journey

food in train

Foods on the train are important and it always serves as the best as a good companion on the journey. If you are having a train journey you must need to order food, and you can get that from the food in train. They will provide you with the best and healthy food options as always.

However, there are some foods that you should avoid while you are having a train journey. If you avoid the consumption of those, you will be able to have a safe and healthy train journey. So here we have listed the foods that you should avoid to keep yourself healthy on the train journey.

  1. Frozen foods

Frozen foods are mostly fried and they have to be microwaved. If you are thinking that this will serve as a good item, you must be mistaken. These can attract the germs that you are not aware of and while you are in a train journey, the dust and the bacteria in the wind will make the food stale and then if you consume that, you will get sick. So, you must avoid it.

  1. Milk

You love milk, but that doesn’t mean you have to drink that on your train journey. When you are traveling by railway, it’s a hectic journey and your body will not be ready to endure anything you feed it. In this case, milk is a highly complicated thing, and if you drink it while you are in train, you will most likely not feel alright and you might get sick as well.

  1. Berries

Fruits are healthy, and they must be in your mind, but certain ones like berries are not proper to eat while you are taking a journey in train. The berries have a layer of dust on their skin and in the rail; you will see they are dirtier than usual. However, if you still want to eat them, then you have to wash them properly. Yet, there is a restriction on this case, if you eat much of it, you might get stomachache for this, and running for the toilet in a train can be hectic.

  1. Meats

As you know that meat takes longer time to digest, so you must avoid eating the same. You can be a foodie, but that doesn’t mean you will risk your health for it. So, you have to be careful and not go for meat on the train. However, you can go for mild ones like chicken, but take note that you must not have it just one time.

  1. Fried foods

Fried food items should be avoided when you are on a train journey because the excessive oil in those will not be good for your health. If you can control your lust for tasty samosas or vadas, then you are the champion.

  1. Pastries

We know those creamy delights are calling you, and naturally, you are not able to avoid that call, but if you do ignore the siren, you will be saved from getting sick on your train journey.

Try to avoid all these above-mentioned foods while you are traveling by train, and it will give you the best feeling of the railway journey, and you will be healthy all the way to your destination.


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