5 Ways to Flaunt Your Beauty through Pearl Clothing


Pearls are one of the most beautiful and alluring ornaments to elevate the level and quality of your dress or any other clothing item. Women simply love pearls for more than one good reason. For centuries, pearls have been used by royal and sophisticated ladies of the elite class to assert their class and status of their wealth. Pearls on clothing may seem a little bizarre to some of you as pearls are generally used and taken in the context of jewelry only, especially pearl necklaces and long chains of pearls only. However, pearls on clothing are quite fashionable as well. The evidence can be found at Meet the Pros Episode 2.3 – Pearls of Joy. My piece will highlight and discuss ways for you to flaunt your beauty and grace through pearl clothing. Let the journey begin!


  1. All Over the Dress

One of the most classic ways to show off your choice of pearls through your clothing is to put them all over your dress. Now, there are multiple ways to do this. You can have a full dress in a dark color like navy blue, crimson red, black or bottle green. Secondly, you can have the same full dress in soft pestle colors like peach, light blue, etc. It is not necessary that the dress is full. You can have a small or half dress as well. However, one thing needs to be taken in mind that whatever the color is, the fabric should be of solid color and not the printed one. Otherwise, it will meddle with the pearls’ look. So, you can have the pearls on the dress in spacing.


  1. At the Hems

If the above-mentioned style of having pearls all over your dress does not go with your taste then you can have specific areas on your dress to have pearls. The specific places are hems of your clothing. You can have a line of pearls alongside your neck line. Then you can have these fixed on the cuffs of your piece. The third place to have these is the hem of your shirt. You can have them in any manner you want. There can only be a single line of large pearls or you can have smaller pearls installed in between the larger pearls. This will give you a sophisticated look and will draw attention to the pearls in an elegant way with a minimal effort. Get ready to be the center of attraction at the party!


  1. On the Scarf

If you are a person who likes wearing simple unembellished clothes and likes to pair them up with scarves, then this option is for you. If you are going with a simplistic shirt or top, a pearled scarf can really make your look top notch. Now the scarf can be styled with pearls in different ways as per your taste as well. You can have them in abundance on the corners or make a gradient of concentration of the pearls at the corners. The other way is to adorn the whole scarf with pearls with proper spacing. They can be of any color or size. In fact, on a scarf, pearls will even look flattering on printed fabric and take your whole look to a new level.

  1. On Your Belt

Belts are the pieces of clothing that never go out of style. They have such a wide range of functionality and adornment that you can almost pair them up with anything and it will turn out to be fashionable. Furthermore, it can change the whole look of an outfit literally. You can take advantage of these features of the belt and bring pearls in it to up your game. You can have several colors of belt decorated with pearls. Now you can style it over a plain dress, regular tucked-in shirt in the pants, with basic jeans, over a long shirt or a coat. There are honestly so many options that every time you will have a different look with the same belt. So, definitely try this one for minimal effort with pearls that still comes under flaunting.

  1. On the Legs

The last but not the least is embellishing your bottoms with pearls. Now there are again a lot of ways to do that. First off, you can have pearls at the hem of your pants or at the side corners of them in a vertical manner. Now if you are wearing short dresses, the pearls can be well adjusted on your socks or stockings. For this, you do not need large pearls. Small pearls will look just perfect and will also be very practical. This will give a regal look to your whole outfit and if you are someone who likes their tops simple then this option is definitely the one for you.

To conclude, pearls are one of the most iconic fashion statements of all times. They will always be in trend and make you look ethereal. The five aforementioned ways to style pearls on your clothing depend on your choice and taste. You can choose any of them and experiment with different looks. You will definitely like the compliments you will be receiving on carrying the pearls so well in a sophisticated manner. So, let us try them before it becomes a common trend and see how it works.



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