5 Simple and Effective Ways To Save Money on Holiday Season Travel


Are you feeling exhausted from your hectic routine? If yes, then don’t worry because the holiday season is just around the corner. There is no better way to rejuvenate your mind and body than taking a break and enjoying a vacation. With the holiday season just around the corner, it is that time of the year when people are thinking about their next holiday destination. If you are one of them but don’t have a massive budget to enjoy a vacation like an executive then, this article is for you. You will learn about useful and simple tips to save money on your holiday season travel.


  • Stay with Family


As simple and obvious as it might seem, many tourists don’t stay with their family and prefer booking hotel. It might be due to privacy concerns because every family member values their privacy or it might be due to overcrowded spaces. If you want to save money then, staying with your family might be a better bet than booking a hotel. Instead of dining out, join hands to prepare a meal and all your family member will not only love the experience but you end up saving a significant amount of money.



  • Be Flexible


If you want to save money on holiday season travel then, you need to learn to be flexible. With flexibility I mean you should book a two or three-star hotel instead of the five-star hotel. You won’t find a massive difference and could save a lot of money as there is a massive price difference between two or three-star hotels and a five-star hotel.

You should take red-eye flights and be ready to bear some jet lag if you want to save money. Taking all these steps can help you save big. Similarly, traveling on a holiday such as Christmas day will help you find a cheaper deal for hotels and tickets that will help you save few bucks. When you have to move from one place to another prefer using public transport instead of booking a ride that will cost you a lot of money.


  • Look for a Package


If you are embarking on a journey where you will indulge in multiple activities then, it is better to find a package that covers them all instead of paying for every service separately. For instance, you are in Dubai and want to enjoy desert safari Dubai along with having a dinner on a cruise and explore the dhow cruise Dubai Marina. Instead of going on a desert safari and dhow cruise dinner separately, you should look for a service provider that offers you an opportunity to enjoy both in a single package. You can enjoy savings when you choose a travel package as compared to enjoying every activity separately.


  • Plan Your Meals


Whether you are traveling alone or with someone else, you might come across certain situations that you will have to learn to deal with. Delays are inevitable, it could be in meals, flights or buses and you should learn to go with the flow. Throw in traffic jams, weather-related issues, technical issues on planes. Instead of waiting for meals, you are better off planning your own meals or get your hands on some snacks such as popcorns to keep your hunger pangs away. Although, it might be tempting to visit the nearest fast food chain that is not good for both your health and your pocket so keep that in mind before heading in that direction.


  • Do Some Research On Airline Fares


Last but certainly not the least are airline fare. Before you fly to your next holiday destination, do extensive research on airline tickets. It is much better to start your research a few months before your departure and book a flight one or two weeks in advance. The earlier the better as you are charged much less for airline tickets when you book a flight week in advance.

Keep an eye on the airline’s luggage policy as they continue to change. Moreover, it can add up to the total cost and sometimes it could be that high that it becomes a costly mistake to ignore these policies. The more luggage you take with you the more you will have to pay so it is better to take only the essentials with you and purchase it from your destination.

How do you save money on your holiday season travel? Share your money saving tips with us in the comments section below.


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