High Speed Train (4D): Revolutionary changes in transportation initiatives


Through the application of modern technology in the communication revolution in Bangladesh Railway.

  • 4D Trains run on Dhaka-Chittagong route .
  • Diesel and Electric trains run both ways to speed of 200 km per hour.
  • Reduce the distance of 80 km, it will take more than one hour.
  • Construction of a new railway will cost 31 billion.

First time railway Bangladesh wants to bring high speed train on the Dhaka-Chittagong railway road. Dhaka-Chittagong route most important route. Chittagong, the country’s second capital & commercial hub in Bangladesh. The 232 kilometers new track line may pass1 hour & 15minutes only by using 4D trains.

Introduced for the first time will be built at the turn of the train route is different elevated (elevated) Electric Railways. It will operate the high speed (fast) train 200 km/hr.Dhaka, Narayanganj,Daudkandi,Mohanpur,Mainamati,Laksam,Feni,CinakiAstana,Sitakunda,Chittagong will be constrct new railway line. Primeminister of Bangladesh orders ongoing, modern,  and advanced service vehicle to the railway authorities in particular has taken the initiative to implement the plan.

High Speed Train (4D)

Railway sources said, in a completely different approach road will be build than the common rail will cost approximately 387 million dollars to build the rail line or 31 billion doller. The new system introduced in the train, one of the country’s transport system will create exceptional example of Bangladesh Railway. Turn it on when then as well as save  time and decreases the distance of about 80 km from Dhaka and Chittagong. The sources said the finicealy proposed the dream of investing in the project already eriuyana China Railway Engineering Group Company (siaraiijisi). 20 years after its creation, the company will conduct its own initiative. The high speed of the train, the company wants to be handed over to the Bangladesh Railway. This time will be taken up by the authorities of investment Investors. Siaraiijisira company singned Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)  by the railway authorities on Augost-2014. Project feasibility study has been completed and verified on the basis of siaraiijisi. The report submitted to the railway company. Land acquisition will cost reduction and greater speed of flyover rail road may construct. According to the feasibility report, the Dhaka-Chittagong high speed train project will be to build the railway standard gauge double line. 80 pairs of trains will be  run daily in the direction. The system will keep the two types of diesel and electric. The diesel system will be somewhat less than the speed of the train.

Dhaka-Chittagong high speed train fares will be slightly higher. Non-AC seat rent 1200 taka, which is currently 334 taka & AC seat rent 2500 taka, which is currently 660 taka. The two-step construction of the railway will be in 3 years. Of approximately 111 kilometers of rail road building in the Dhaka-Laksham route will likely cost more than 06 billion dollars need. Some of the parts needed to build the bridge, so the cost will be slightly higher. The absence of large bridges Laksam-Chittagong route 181 million dollars would be spent on the construction of 121 km of railway. In all, the project will cost 387 million dollars. Now railway walked around the lot of 312 kilometers from Dhaka to Chittagong, It takes 6 to 8 hours jorny. New railways reduced the Dhaka-Chittagong distance of about 80 km.

High Speed Train (4D)

According to the railway, the next 50 years to meet the needs of the Dhaka-Chittagong route for transporting passengers and goods will be important to manage the high speed train. According to stakeholders, at-speed intercity trains and train fares comparatively more sophisticated than the number of passengers would be like because there is doubt. Hence the train fare and air fare is pretty much.. To the ordinary passenger train will not be able to ride. According to the report,railway deparment will take the 20 year masterplan has been designed in keeping.

The Dhaka-Chittagong route nearly 35 million passengers pass a year, Now 12 pair of train travel. The next 10 years will increase to 79 million passengers in these route. The trains will run at least 28 pairs. 20 years after the Dhaka-Chittagong routes will pass 1crore & 5 million passengers. 42 pairs of trains will run during the day. It is not possible to meet the needs of the existing railway and train. For these reason high speed train in emergency. 1crore &50 million tons goods also transport in a year .as well as high speed train fullfill the passenger transport & goods .

Is expected to get the passengers of the Dhaka-Chittagong, Dhaka-Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar high speed train routes need to be. The tourist will be able to reach a one & half-hour from Dhaka to Cox’s bazar. Dhaka-Chittagong rail link with India and China in the development of high speed train project will play an important role. The international corridors, especially BCIM, ASEAN and the Trans-Asian railway will contribute to connect. Railroad at the Myanmar border will expand from Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar. Moreover, in order to be associated with the Trans-Asian railway route Coxbazar is vital to the expansion of. When the train is fast, modern methods of communication to the new revolution & will spur economy. These technology can change the appearance of the Bangladesh railway, as well as. Digital Bangladesh is important to develop train for the formation of modern technology.