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Product Photography Sunglasses

Product photography sunglasses is one of the branches of photography. It beautifies the photo sunglasses and to attract the customer.For product advertising, sunglass photography is the basic requisite for a commercial photographer. And to do the commercialization and representation of company’s new sunglass images, taking eyeglasses photo is the first requirement.

Commercial photographers who use product photography sunglasses as their work are normally used in e-commerce sites. Professional product photography can create a tremendous betterment in photography websites. Among all the products, sunglass photography is one of them. And it is considered as one of the difficulty.

In our regular life sunglass is an essential part. The sunny weather maximum people use sunglass to protect the sunlight. Some people make it fashion part in their daily life. That’s why they always care about when they buy it. If they buy this from any e-commerce company, they always want to get the best eyewear product. For this reason, every e commerce company has the necessity to click their sunglass product photo very carefully. And, they are conscious about the promotion of sunglasses pictures.

Regarding the importance of product photography sunglasses, here in this article, I will cover from the beginning of sunglass studio photography to photo post related problem and mentioning related solution:

Product Photography Sunglasses 

  • Earlier mentioned, sunglasses shooting is tricky. It is tricky because your sunglass photography must be represented in perfect shape and style without any reflection or nothing. Most of the sunglasses lenses are curved. Thus, it has a tendency to reflect everything. To overcome the situation product photography lighting must be in the specialized setup. You can choose box backlighting for sunglass photography and reduce reflection
  • Reflection is very natural to picture of sunglasses. Editing in the post production, lenses reflections are reduced and looks fine. Because whatever precautionary measure you take, a mistake can happen in the studio photography.
  • Need a high regulation camera to take sunglass photographs. Check the photography that white balance, ISO, and aperture etc. settings are modified perfectly with the lighting setup. Focus on the defined part of sunglasses and shoot in manual mode as higher you can. Adjust white balance to auto, if you are troubling with white balance.
  • Tripod is essential with the camera settings. For this reason get a tripod to stabilize your hand position. If camera shakes,it makes difficult to shot the right position sunglass pictures.
  • The White background is perfect for sun glass photography. Always try a soft and diffused shadow for shooting. Otherwise, it will look as like cropped image. For this, you need to use exposure on the direct If you miss this, you will miss the essence of sunglass product photography.
  • Normally 24* 27inchstandard folding table is ideal for product photography sunglasses.You can choose larger table than this. Also, if you need you can use tape or clamps down your board table.
  • A perfect bright and well-lighted room are needed where photographs will be taken. The room with big windows next to a wall will be perfect.
  • A simple white card is important as a light It’s called the reflector card, which is used for studio shooting.
  • Lighting is necessary for shooting. Without lighting photographs will be not good, it will be darker.
  • By post-processing clean up your spots, smudges, or reflections. You can also clone out the imperfections like scratches and scuffs. Also, cut out the undesired background and set your sunglass photos pure white background. All these finishing touches are done in the post-processing to ensure the consistency of product photography sunglasses.

In the end, I will suggest you find the right angle for sunglass photography while capturing your photographs. Remember that, the customer gets to know about the sunglass products only by seeing the photo. For this reason, you must give concentration on studio photography sunglasses. After finishing your camera work then for more perfection and start editing these photographs. Photo-post editing will give you the opportunity to clean up and increase your photos quality.

So, collect a good photography camera, capture beautiful photos, maintain some steps and focus on the photo-post editing.