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Heart bleed Bug attack: Advice to Change internet password


Internet security is a burning issue in recent time. In recent time some technological organization identifies various harmful events about internet security. For this reason they suggest all internet users to change their password as soon as possible. Tamblur , Blogging platform of yahoo suggests all internet users to change...

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How operate banglalink services using short code


Banglalink digital communications limited launch in Bangladesh in February 2005 under telecom ventures ltd. It’s survive in globally like at russia, Canada, italy, central african republic ,ukraine, zimbabwe, burundi, kazakhstan, pakistan, uzbekistan, algeria,  tajikistan, laos, armenia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan.  From launch date to june 2013 the banglalink currently has 27.07...

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Green Banking and Environmental Risk Management (ERM) at CBL


What is Green Banking? Green Banking means promoting environmental-friendly practices where reducing carbon footprint from banking activities. Green Banking may comes in different forms such as: I banking instead of branch banking, paying bills online instead of mailing them, opening accounts and capital market account online etc. Green Branches: CBL...

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How retrieve airtel information using short code


Airtel user in Bangladesh use this short code to retrieve their necessary information in daily life.   Airtel  Bangladesh TOP U.S.S.D 1.  airtel prepaid account menu º recharge bonus – *222*2# º Check  account balance by –*778# º free min (bundle) – *778*5# º Check your bonus by – *778*1#...

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Radhuni Flackwell come back with a Real Taste

Radhuni  flackwell_ Tasty Food

A Real Taste Of Radhuni Flackwell Radhuni Cafe delivers a true flavor of the Native Indian subcontinent to Radhuni Flackwell Heath. Launching aside the customs of the Native Indian restaurant the owners have instead selected to focus on real Native Indian and Bangladeshi meals provided in pleasant, fashionable environment. The...

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Updated high authority Web Directory list


All Directory have 3 years plus domain age with high domain authority. This can helps to increase brand popularity, SERPs and also increase your ROI. Web Directory List Domain Age Domain Authority Freeprwebdirectory.com 5 yrs 4 months 67 Dmoz.org 96 Allfreethings.com 14 yrs 10 months 50 Abc-directory.com 10 yrs 6...

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How to Register a Property in Bangladesh?


Now a day most of the people are unaware about property registration in Bangladesh. As a result they may face various problems to register their property. This content will help individuals to register their property easily. 1. Verify the records of rights from the Land Office (Land Revenue Office) that...

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How to Become a Females Wellness Medical expert Practitioner


Nurse experts are also known as advanced-practice medical staff. One popular specialized place is women’s health. Female’s health medical professionals must go through innovative training in the place before they are certified to exercise. Some common factors of women’s health that these medical staff are certified to exercise include family...