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Chicken with Vegetable reciper 0


Chicken with Vegetable reciper

Vegetable chicken: At first I shall say that vegetable chicken curry is most popular food for all men &women.it is one kind of food that our body fitness & free from all dishes. When we cook vegetable of chicken we shall take one cubic size chicken, cubic size one potato,...

Facebook ! why or not 0

Uses of Facebook! Why or Not

Facebook ! why or not

What is facebook or modern online media? Why it necessary? How much usefulness of our younger generation of it? What did you mind it has no disadvantage? Definition of facebook: Now a day or in the modern age facebook is most favorable of all generation in the world. But I...

Online Computer Training 0

Reclamation of computers with teachers

Online Computer Training

“Online learning is not the subsequent big thing it is the consequent big thing. Come on let’s show the miracles of e-Learning”!! The technological discovery achieved by computers in today’s world has flabbergasted the whole world by knocking out the whole planet with its information. Athwart the web the term...

Soft Light Retouching 0

Soft Light Retouching For Your Portrait Image

Soft Light Retouching

Portrait photography is one type of photography which displays the personality, expression and mood of a person or a group of people. Usually portrait photography focused on the person’s face, although the whole body and the background or context may be included. Sometimes we need to minimize a portrait picture...

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Enhance Your Portrait Photography with Photo Retouching


Before you decide to take a portrait photograph you should gather a sound knowledge about this kind of photography. Generally, Portrait photography is used for capturing one person’s mood with an emphasis on their expression, personality and face, although the entire body and the background or context may be included....

Digital Marketing Strategy/Technique 0

Graphic Design Marketing Technique powered by disqus

Digital Marketing Strategy/Technique

Graphic Design is a profitable business as a design firm. Every year each firm invests million dollars to develop their business globally. Firm recruited marketing professional with skilled designer to get big amount working order. Many firm doing physical marketing simultaneously with online marketing. As an design consultant or expert,...

car without oil and gas 0

Invented a wonderful car without oil and gas

car without oil and gas

If you hear the cars will be cast out of the oil and gas, then you’ll be surprised. But the story is true. Amir Hossain from Bogra  have developed an amazing car that will run without oil and gas are velocities of 80 km!. His Profession is mecanicl engineer. Environmentally...

Mentally growth and healthy growth of baby 0

How growth your babies mentally and healthy?

Mentally growth and healthy growth of baby

Mentally growth and healthy growth of baby:  Here we   shall get many formula of healthy baby. We will expect to our entire baby will be strong bone, balance health & will be appropriate mentally growth. So we will follow this formula. At first, i feel seem to be your baby...

Md. Faruk Bin Hossain with invention to identify sinking vessel 0

New invention to identify sinking vessel

Md. Faruk Bin Hossain with invention to identify sinking vessel

In Bangladesh, the Pinak-6 launch sank August/14 in the river padma did not recognized. Carrying 300 passengers drowning launch after only 46 dead bodies were recovered. But what happened to the rest of the passengers may fate will remain unknown. Failure to detection the launch, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI)...

student teacher sex 0

Teacher brought alleged rape against 24 year old student

student teacher sex

Bangladesh national cricket team member Rubel  and the film actress Happy love, love the physical relationship and refusing to marry against Rubel Happy ‘rape’ in the midst of a new filing of rape has become the talk of the country. No, this is not some celebrity. 32-year-old mistress of the...

Bank Asia opens regional head office in Chittagong 0

Bank Asia Limited Branch in Chittagong Division

Bank Asia opens regional head office in Chittagong

Bank Asia opens regional head office in Chittagong.Bank Asia Limited has more than 23 Branch in different district of Chittagong Division: District Name Police Station Bank Address WithContract Chittagong Agrabad Agrabad Branch,Branch Code: 005,Address: 69, Agrabad C/ A, Chittagong Phone: 880-31-714665, 724876, 714703,Fax: 880-31-714548 Chittagong Anderkilla Anderkilla Branch,Branch Code: 030,Address: 184, J.M Sen Avenue Anderkilla, Chittagong,Phone: 880-31-2854882-3,Fax: 880-31-2854881...